Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Starting our year with top quality work.

Year 7s working hard in Multicraft making mosaics.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces of work made from PVC plastic.  We based this work on Turangawaewae.  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wonderful World of Wind.

For Multicraft Tech Extension we looked at a range of different things that required wind/air to make them operate.  We had a lot of fun designing & making windmills, wind chimes, model helicopters & planes, & kites.  

 Here we are hard at work. 

Making model helicopters.

Drilling holes in the wind chime tubes.

Knotting the wind chimes took a long time.

Leanardo da Vinci's helicopter design.

Building the bamboo frames for our kites.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ramp Mosaic Completed.

A lot of time & effort has gone into finishing the amazing mosaic on the ramp outside the Multicraft workshop.  Follow the journey of creating this masterpiece.  

Our blank canvas.
Planning our designs.
Cutting tiles to fit planning.
Gluing on our tiles.

Grouting section by section.

Our finished mosaic.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to tie basic knots.

Many of our pendants need cord necklaces.  To do this you need to be able to tie a few knots.  The most basic knot to tie is a 'overhand loop knot' or a 'double overhand knot'.  (It is exactly the same as the knot you use to tie a balloon - Overhand knot.) This knot is used to tie behind the back of the neck.  It is very strong & hard to undo. 

Click on the link below to follow a short clip. 

How to tie a double overhand loop knot.

Another knot that may be of use is the 'sliding slip knot'.  This allows your string/cord length to shortened once you put you necklace on. It is also known as the 'double fisherman's knot'

Click on the link below to follow a short clip.

This link measures in inches as the demonstration is from America.  It is easy to convert these measurements.  Check out the Multicraft inch/mm rulers.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tough Guy & Gal 2016

Check out these shots from a great day out. A little chilly & wet, but fun. The AIS Team was amazing.  

All clean before the race.

Pinning on race numbers.
Listening to safety brief.

The start line - Year 7 & 8 girls.

Jakub's spectacular jump...

...and landing.

Jeremiah's leap...

...and elegant landing.

Taimana storming in.

Kairah's nearly standing ( Check next pic!! )

Killarney follows in Kiarah's foot steps.

You wouldn't guess the water is knee deep Killarney.

Leah tries to stay up...

... but takes a dive.

Hakeema stays on her feet...just. 

Chaquita tries to wash off some of the mud.


All clean & dry after warm showers.

Congratulations on winning the spot prize Hakeema.